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Marathon Plastics

Well done to everyone in the London Marathon today – all running for wonderful charities.

BUT … The streets of London will be covered in plastic today from water bottles and plastic cups

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish …








How many of runners are using re-usable water holders and stopping for long enough to refill them?

Buxton Water – a major sponsor??  Are you being a responsible producer and finding alternatives to your plastic bottles?

‘Without Science, it’s all fiction !’

UK support for March for Science    April 22 2017

Thousands of scientists, academics and celebrities have marched in cities across the UK to protest at the rise of a “post-truth” era and its threat to academia.

The marches, taking place on Earth Day, were part of a global movement that has seen tens of thousands of people around the world march in support of science and evidence-based research.


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