The WeirdFish Lady

Gloria Barnett BA (Science), MA (Education)
Science Education Consultant, Author,
Underwater Film-maker and Master Scuba Diver

Author and undersea explorer Gloria Barnett invites you to join her beneath the waves and discover a world as exciting as it is educational.

Why not INVITE Gloria into your Primary School and let your pupils be enthralled by the fascinating world of the Oceans?

Drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience, Gloria will introduce the children to creatures and habitats that make the sea such a wondrous place.


Key Stage 1 & 2

Gloria’s visit will introduce a whole new generation to the science of the seas and national curriculum targets are highlighted throughout the day.

Design your own WeirdFish Lady Day. Mix and match activities can be chosen from any of these areas: illustrated talk and discussions, workshops, research adventures and storytime.

Contact Gloria to discuss your choice for designing your own Ocean Day.


Ocean World

This introductory talk from the WeirdFish Lady will introduce children to the fascinating world beneath the waves. With extra-ordinary footage filmed by Gloria herself, the children will learn about the Ocean World of Planet Earth and encounter some of the millions of different creatures that live there.

Where Life Began

This talk takes the children to the Oceans of the past to see the bizarre creatures which roamed the seas millions of years ago. They will hear about everything from the very first early life forms up to the fish that eventually ‘walked’ onto land; about the time of sea ‘monsters’ and the aquatic reptiles that lived in the sea long before humans lived on land. They’ll even be able to handle fossils of ancient sea life!

Weird Adaptations

The third talk in this series looks at how creatures adapt for survival to live in the Oceans.   What do creatures have to do to survive in the dark waters of the deepest Oceans?  Children will be able to question the reasons for adaptations, and how each marine creature has adapted differently in order to survive.   Original film clips will be included.

Also available to choose from are Underwater Exploration, Sea Monsters, Bones, Human Impacts on the Ocean and Survival.


KS1 – My trip underwater

KS2 – A choice of three Research Adventure Areas:

  1. How can we save the oceans?
  2. Design a new sea world?
  3. My search for weird creatures?



All experiments provide opportunities for observation, written work and further research. Choose from:

  • ‘Submersibles ~ Animals and Machines’ – experiments to show Buoyancy and Density followed by discussion on diving equipment.
  • ‘Oil & Water’ & ‘Bubbles in the Water’ – experiments and environmental problems such as oil spillages, and excess carbon dioxide in the oceans.
  • ‘Volcanoes Under the Sea’ & ‘How Hurricanes Form’ – experiments which lead to discussions which include the crust and mantle of the Earth, and how weather is created’.
  • ‘Animals who can make Light’– demonstration showing bioluminescence and its use by creatures from the deep.

Wall Art Workshops

Opportunities for team work, decision making, writing, artwork and further research.

Transform your classroom into a mass of pupil produced information. Themes include: Living on a Coral Reef, Predators and Prey, Food Chains, Adaptations of Creatures, Fact File of Ocean Creatures or Deep Sea.


KS1 – Hear an original story with an Ocean Life Theme (Early Years Book)

KS2 – Hear a chapter from an original 9-12 years Ocean Theme Story, discuss and then pupils write their own Ocean story with an author on hand to help.

Please contact the WeirdFish Lady to discuss which of the areas you would like to include during the day. Each visit is individually designed for your pupils’ age range and to fit in with your curriculum plans. Activities can be arranged by tables around the classroom.

The Weirdfish Lady will need both the classroom teacher and a teaching assistant to be present at all times to ensure these activities are safe and the children learn accordingly.

What teachers had to say:

“The WeirdFishLady could answer all the pupils questions whether it was about deep sea monsters, or fossils from the sea. I think I learnt as much as the children. A great fun day which the children are still talking about.”

Bev, Cheshire

“I couldn’t believe how exciting the day was for pupils and for me. I had enough material and ideas to make our project work last for weeks, and it was so simple to add in the national curriculum targets. My pupils were delighted with their day.”

Alison, Kent

What children have to say:

“I am writing to say thank you for your perfect and wonderful day here at my school. We lurnt so much on how the Lionfish is poisness and the amazing divers hand signs. I enjoyed your vidios because you where filming them and especially loved the turtal that came up to you and the fish that always says hello. THANK YOU ! All the class love you.”


“I am writing to tell how fascinating your assembly was. I enjoyed the video of the octopus blending into its surrounds and trying to scare you away. In the afternoon I like when we acted out that we were underwater. Thank you again for coming to teach us about life under the sea.”


If you want your school to have a visit from the WeirdFish Lady, then contact Gloria on 07944 988363 to discuss your choices for your own special Underwater Day.   Book Gloria for a visit to your school and be prepared for your pupils to get very excited !