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Gloria is a biologist with a special interest and a lifetime’s experience in oceanography.   She obtained her first degree in Sciences, before completing her Master’s Degree in Education.

With a history of teaching science, Gloria is now an educational advisor.   She uses the natural world to inspire and encourage learning and  loves visiting schools as the WeirdFish Lady.

Gloria is an established speaker giving oceanography talks to audiences all around the world.   She speaks to young and old about our planet and its amazing sea life.  Gloria shares her enthusiasm for our fascinating underwater world and includes original underwater film clips which help her audiences to understand the weird and wonderful life living beneath the waves.

Gloria’s love of the sea is not just theoretical – she has spent over 30 years exploring our planet’s oceans.  She is a master scuba diver, keen sailor and underwater videographer and has dived in a variety of areas around the world studying the underwater creatures she talks about so passionately.

The author of many textbooks; Gloria’s Amazing World Beneath the Waves is a fully illustrated and accessible guide to the oceans.   Gloria is currently  writing children’s books, providing exciting stories which introduce younger generations to the wonders of the oceans.

She enjoys sharing her passion for science and the sea with all age groups.

Would you like Gloria to speak at your Conference or event?  Contact her for details.   Gloria travels extensively so the best way to reach her is via email:

If you want your school to have a visit from the WeirdFish Lady, then contact Gloria on 07944 988363 to discuss your choices for your own special Underwater Day.  See more at    Book Gloria for a visit to your school and be prepared for your pupils to get very excited !



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