Hi everyone,

I suppose I need to admit it .. I AM a workaholic but I thoroughly enjoy it.    Chris and I have just returned from a 10 day UK break, and whilst Chris was enjoying himself out and about on his bike in the New Forest, I happily managed to find time to spend on some of the projects which are the  ‘balls’ in the air of my lifestyle.   Authoring, writing new lectures, researching travel/cruise opportunities, marketing my school  visit activities,  finalising conference work, film editing, photo editing – there are quite a few balls up there and I managed to tick lots of boxes.     But it wasn’t all work – it was great to take time out to  join Chris for lunch in some beautiful places,  do a bit of sightseeing and visit family.   But importantly, I gave myself time to think, develop ideas and contemplate the world.  Wonderful.

So I just thought I’d mention it.  It seems it is possible for me to relax occasionally.

Should do it more often !

Take care all,